Tuesday, 9 April 2013

3D software application

Hy guys! i will posting something about 3d software that used for modeling, texturing, sculpting, animating, simulating, also rendering. so there is many software but i will tell you the famous 3d software and also used many user of 3d software. so there is a autodesk maya, 3ds max, cinema 4d, houdini, blender, Zbrush, autodesk mudbox, carrara, and poser. so i will explain you what is that, one by one.


autodesk maya is a software from autodesk that nice for animating and pretty easy for modeling. it also have a simulating tools, for example if you want to create a fire, you can make that pretty easy just using some parameter setting there, so many people using maya for vfx animation, because the animation tool was very good and easy. so this software can also make the character moving by adding some bones, and that technique is called "rigging" i will tell you maybe at the next post.


3ds max is a maya brother, so 3ds max is also autodesk software but this software is more difficult then maya. but this software is pretty easy in script mode for game, so this software usually use for making a game. and this software was have a simulation tools like maya, and then 3ds max is need more professional user to get the better result.


Cinema 4d is the easier and the nice 3d software for beginner because this software not like a 3ds max and maya, 3ds max and maya, need a high computer spec, but this software is not. because this software is not use a high specification but the result is good like the other 3d software.


houdini is a software animation. nice, but this software is always used for simulation, like a float, maybe like a sea simulation, like a fire, explosion, smoke, breaking some walls, breaking some glass. so it's nice but this software also can have a nice result if you see the demo reel. but the problem is not at the software, is also at the user.


blender is a free also nice 3d software, but the user interface is very difficult to use. this one is used for 3d modeling technique and simulating technique. this one is nice but i have to honest, i can't use this software. so i will not explain you many thing about this software, so you can just go to the website : www.blender.org


Z brush! this is the software that i like, so this one is a 3d software that can't be used for animation and simulation just like the other software, this software is just used for 3d modeling, texturing, and sculpting. so if you want to create a monster or character you can make it at z brush pretty easy and just need some imagination. you can also export the 3d models to 3d software like maya, 3ds max, etc. to give it bones with rigging technique and animating it.


Autodesk mudbox is a same software just like a brush, but this one is very difficult to used. but the result was great. this software is used for 3d high poly character modeling and using many kind of parameters. actually I can't use this software, realy -_- but trust me, this is greater then z brush!


carrara is a 3d software from DAZ 3D. also like maya but this one is good for simulation. so i always use this 3d software for car crash, wall explosion, brick smash and also good to composite it with real footage, so you record some field and there is a car crashed at there, it can be great! and this software is also have a nice and easy character rigging tools, so check that out!!


poser is 3d software used for modeling just for human character, and very nice because it will be realistic and poser also can export it to 3d software for start animating. and this one is great! also very easy to create a model.

so that is the 3d software that i know for this time, I hope you like it and i have to say sorry because if i wrong in that info. i just posted what i have known! :D thanks for reading!

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