Tuesday, 9 April 2013


hi guys, today we will talking about a visual effect that many used for movie making and editing for now. vfx is a visual effect that made by 3d software and also sometimes vfx used for live action cg, what is live action cg? live action cg is a combination between the camera footage (real footage) with an animation that we have make in 3d software. so to combine that 2 stuff we need a compositor program for composite that 2 thing to be a one composition and render it out. we can also see at the many movie, like a madagascar, it's just a visual effect animation that made by 3d software also, and then you can see the life of pie movie, it just also using a live action cg technique to combine the animation with the footage. to make something like that we also need some high imagination to create a good result.

so this is what is example of visual effect :

And this is what is live action CG

so that's just a little thing about animation and i hope this is help you and next time i will posting some info again

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