Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Software for compositing!! 

Hey guys!! this is our new post! and we will talking about the software for compositing, so that software is use for final touch of your animation or vfx and you also can combine your animation with your real footage also, and you will render it and give it some color correction. and also if your camera is moving, you have to track the footage first to make the animation stick at your footage, i will posting about tracking next time. okay, so the software is : Adobe after effect, The foundry nuke, Toxic, and autodesk composite. 


so, this one is very familiar of course (maybe). this software actually is for editing a video from camera footage, but this software is pretty nice and easy for compositing. I don't know why i like to work with it. so this one software is pretty nice and maybe i will upload some tutorial about this software, and also we can import the 3d models to after effect with a plugins called element 3d from andrew kreimer, and you can download it at videocopilot.net and the plugin can also give your 3d models with a light, ambient occlusion and many thing that we can do at there, so it's nice and maybe i will make a tutorial later.

The foundry nuke

this is the good and very nice software. because, this one is need the high spec of computer and use for high compositing mode. it also can doing some deep compositing. deep compositing is a technique for put some stuff, inside our 3d render. and maybe i will make the tutorial later. so, this one is the foundry software, and it is pretty easy to use you just need to learn a little bit, and have fun!! :D you can see the features of the nuke at the website : http://www.thefoundry.co.uk/products/nuke/features/    because i can't explain you one by one


this is a compositing software that very difficult to use because of, mmm, i don't know, but trust me, it's nice to if you want to learn it, and the feature is not complete like the foundry nuke, but is not different. you know? this software was cool, check that out!!


so this software actually come with your 3d software from 3ds max and maya. so this one is the toxic brother and the interface and the tools is same with the toxic. i don't know why, but this one was good also. make your own stuff at there!! 

so that's all about my post! i hope you like it, see you!!

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