Tuesday, 9 April 2013


hai guys!! this time i wanna talking about the ray fire tool plugins from rayfirestudios.com and check that out. so what is ray fire tool? this is the plugin for 3ds max that make some thing break into a part. this one is pretty fun, so you make an object and make the other object to smash the last object and they will crash and blow up into a pieces. so that was nice, but this one is used for making like aaa, glass shattering effect, like a wall explosion, like a kind of building demolition and ground cracking. so have you seen 2012 movie? it use ray fire tool!! you don't believe it? goto rayfirestudios.com, and see at there! so the plugin that created by mir vadim was make the user of 3ds max interesting to break some object, haha, so i hope i can make tutorial about it. thanks to reading this post, i hope you like it!! :D

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